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Sol's is one of my favorite stops in Amish Country. I love that they have such a big variety and the store is always clean. Always something a little bit different to check out every time I go. Good customer service and they have the best public re ... More »
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Don Mars Originals

While working as a graphic artist for an advertising company, Don Mars dabbled in woodworking as a hobby. In 1978, Mars began making small wooden faces out of scrap lumber left over from crafts he had been making. Using his own ideas and imagination, his faces began to grow arms and legs, then ski poles and golf clubs! It wasn't long until Mars' faces had evolved into complete characters depicting sports, occupations, and hobbies.

Mars began doing craft shows locally, in the Akron-Canton area, but soon realized that his characters were really catching on. He decided to quit his job and travel on the show circuits and make and sell the characters full time.
At each show, Mars' customers would always ask for styles that he didn't have, so he was constantly adding more to the list! Beginning with 12 styles, he now has 224.

After doing craft shows for years, in more than 400 cities, Mars got off the road and began selling his characters in stores. This gave him more time to devote to his product and enabled him to improve the way that he made them. Don Mars has put a smile on the faces of hundreds of thousands of people in half the states of the country! Thanks to people like you....for making someone else feel special too

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